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Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Gimchi, a very common side dish in KoreaImage via WikipediaKimchi is a Korean food - pickled Asian cabbage (or sometimes other vegetables) flavored with chili and garlic. Koreans seem to eat it with almost every meal. I first encountered it back home in New Zealand when we had Korean home-stay students staying with us. I tried to make home-made kimchi, and while the result was fairly tasty, the smell was absolutely terrible every time I opened the refrigerator.

I sometimes buy kimchi in Japan. I love kimchi fried rice, and kimchi-cheese takoyaki (octopus dumplings) are the most delicious takoyaki I've ever had. Kimchi name is also very good. But recently I decided to experiment with  kimchi-cheese bread (using my bread-maker of course.)

I made a basic white bread dough, then when the breadmaker finished the second kneading cycle, removed the dough, and quickly rolled it out. Then I generously sprinkled it with grated cheese, and dotted it with kimchi (warmed in the microwave so that it wouldn't slow the final rising of the bread.) Finally I rolled it up again and pushed it back into my bread-maker to rise and bake.

It was delicious! Definitely a winner! I put the kimchi a little too thickly in some places, so the filling fell out when I sliced the bread. Next time I will roll the dough more thinly and spread slightly less kimchi.

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