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Friday, October 22, 2010


There's absolutely no reason for me to still be in my pajamas at 1 pm... but I was blogging, you see, and you don't need to get dressed to do that. Then someone knocks at my door. I wasn't going to answer because I thought it might be Jehovah's Witness people again, but I change my mind, and slide open the window next to my door .

NOT Jehovah's Witnesses, but a good looking young man selling apples out of the back of a van. Red or yellow, sweet and delicious (he offers a piece of each kind to taste.) Only 500 yen for 1 kilogram.Good heavens! That's NZ$7.50! But that's what they cost at the supermarket (or more) and they look so good, and I want apples now! I just won't think about the price.

I find my money, put on some shoes and go out to the van. I buy a kilogram, two large red apples and two large yellow ones, hoping the smiling young man doesn't realize I'm still wearing my pajamas.


  1. Looks yummy!!!
    I still have some Japanese pears in my fridge... have to eat them soon...

  2. Fruit never lasts long around me! But I always forget the tomatoes in my fridge...