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Monday, January 3, 2011


I know I should have done this post on New Year's Day but the truth is, I'm not the most organized person around.

Just as Western people have lots of special traditional Christmas food, in Japan they have lots of special New Year food. One of the things they eat is called osechi ryouri. For more than a thousand years Japanese people have prepared a variety of beautifully presented delicacies with special traditional meanings to be eaten on the first three days of the year.

I'm told that not many people make their own these days. Instead people spend a lot of money (typically hundreds of dollars) buying osechi ryouri. I consider myself very lucky to have been invited to friends' houses to eat gorgeous osechi ryouri three time now! The osechi ryouri in the photos was home-made too, by my friend's father, who enjoys cooking as a hobby now that he is retired.
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