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Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Japan has all sorts of wonderful instant stuff, and I'm still surprised by something new from time to time. One of my friends gave me two different kinds of instant soup to try. I think she said the first one was from China. It looked like a rice puff cracker. You were supposed to put it in a bowl, sprinkle the powder sachet over, and pour on hot water. It was quite nice.

The other came beautifully presented in a gift box with four different flavors, small wafer containers with kanji written on them. You were supposed to break the wafer container open, place it in the bowl and pour hot water over. It was good, and even had chunks of dried vegetable in it.


  1. How fancy!!!!! I think I just have tried this kind once in my life!

    Oh, btw, I see your CORNFLAKE SUNDAES post in my feed but I wasn't able to access! Looks pretty huge!!! I love it ;)

  2. Thanks for all your nice comments, Ochikeron! Sorry about the cornflake sundae post... I was figuring out how to schedule posts for later, so it's still coming.