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Thursday, June 5, 2014


Hisashiburi! (That's Japanese for "Long time no see!")

   I haven't posted anything here for about 3 years! I've been extremely busy with work and my non-culinary hobbies (photography, art, and calligraphy.) So why am I back on my blog? Well, There are two reasons: even after my ridiculously long absence people keep visiting My Food Adventures, and someone just left a nice comment. Now I feel guilty for not adding any new posts! The other reason is that I moved in with my boyfriend recently and am once again cooking for two on a regular basis. It's got me all inspired!

   For example, last night he asked me if I could make chilli prawns. I never made chilli prawns before, but "Sure! I can make chilli prawns! Let's have chilli prawns for dinner!"

   However... uh oh! No chilli sauce! No prawns! SOME folk would go to the supermarket, but rainy season started today and I was celebrating by staying home all day So I made chilli sauce from dried chilli, mushy tomatoes, garlic, sugar and vinegar. Then I cooked some frozen shrimp that was destined for okonomiyaki. The shrimp shriveled up to a quarter of their frozen size, and expelled a lot of liquid. I spooned over some of the chili sauce, and then it looked too much like soup, so I decided it needed thickening. Oh no! No cornflour! No katokuriko! (Japanese potato starch used for thickening.) SO I thickened it with a little instant mashed potato mix.

    You know what? It was delicious, and he wants me to make it again. 

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