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Sunday, September 26, 2010


 I often go on long bicycle rides, and it always makes me really hungry. Sometimes I pack a picnic, but even if I do, I eat it all up quickly and end up buying stuff from convenience stores. A while ago I rode from Kyoto to Uji to Ishiyama and back to Kyoto. The scenery was great, especially along the Uji / Seta River. I took a rice ball with corn, okra, and black pepper, some walnut brownies, a mini-pack of tofu, and a nashi pear. I ate all that at Uji, and by the time I got to Ishiyama I needed more food, so I bought fried chicken wings and a sweet potato chou cream (in NZ we call those cream puffs.)
Sadly I don't seem to lose any weight from biking....

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  1. Hi Cathy! Your blog's photo is just fantastic!!! I love the vegetables photos on both sides! And also I can learn English from you even from this blog! Thank you! Anyway you're so brave to cycle from kyoto to uji to ishiyama! I also love seta river because it's my home town! The rice ball looks yummy!!!